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For those of you who haven't been paying attention, John Rogers was the mastermind behind the recent Blue Beetle reboot, and he had a blog that linked to my blog's review of BB, and he was all, "Hey, I'm co-producing this little show about thieves and by the way, one of the crew happens to be Christian Kane" and that's when most-all the rest of you heard about Leverage from screaming fangirls.

So, essentially, if I can't be Warren Ellis when I grow up, I want to be John Rogers.

He answers questions about the episodes about a week after the ep airs (schedule permitting) and this right here is pretty much how he rolls (emphasis mine):

@Anonymous: Any chance for Eliot to develop feelings for Parker this seasons?

They make a great team (they have a great Wolverine/Kitty beat in mine, #303), but they're not emotionally suited to romance. At least in canon. Do whatever unspeakable things thou wilt on your livejournals.

(Because, you know, there is fanfic like that. I can point you to it. No I haven't written any. Yet. I've got schoolwork!)

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