Mar. 6th, 2009

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Remyth Project

The teacher stands at the front of the classroom. Suburban school, caters to the working student.

It's a program in cross-cultural education. At the end, we'll all have master's degrees and be spread through schools in Sacramento, the country's most diverse city.

The teacher says, "In Hispanic families, the father is the head of the household and his word is law. Women are passive to his demands."

I laugh.

Everyone turns to look at me. Once again, I was too loud for these people.

Their eyes demand an explanation for my outburst.

Somewhere, not far from where I'm sitting in class, my grandfather is sitting at the kitchen table. I'm sitting at the other side, and he looks up at me and says, "You are so pretty, bebe. You should wear dresses."

I haven't worn a dress more than once a year since I was ten years old.

"Leave her alone, Joseph," Grandma calls from the other room. "She wears nice clothes!"

"I get no respect." Grandpa grumbles. "You're going to trade me in. You're going to trade me in at the dump!"

"Never, Poppi," I insist.

He points a finger at me. "You just watch yourself."

"That's not how it is in my family," I tell the professor.

She sneers. "Aren't you part white?"

The students turn away from me. I'm no longer an expert on the subject of Hispanic families. I scratch at my arm and go back to my daydreaming.

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