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The person in question decided to send me a tl;dr with the first line about how that person'd been offline for a few days and how it was unfair of me to play the victim card, because said person is a victim *TOO* omg, bla, bla, bla, I quit reading.

I shot back, "For someone who's been offline, you've sure been in chat a lot*. Good luck finding a place for Con."

*No, seriously, said person replied to something I said in chat the day after I sent the "I don't feel safe, GTFO of my room" email. I have chat logs and I'm not afraid to use them.

You know why this fucking pisses me off? Because I didn't play the goddamn victim card. I asked for reassurances of my safety from a person who will have keys to the room I am sleeping in**. If that's unreasonable, then I'm unreasonable. If that makes me paranoid, then I'm paranoid. If that makes me a bitch, then I'm a bitch.

And if you don't fucking get why a woman traveling alone in this society would want reassurances of safety from a complete stranger who wishes to room with said woman, then you don't fucking get keys to the room I sleep in.

**Because while I am kind of certain that I could escape almost anyone in a fight when I'm awake, I sure as shit don't think I can go from zero to Xena if I'm attacked in my sleep.

And yes, I'm posting this as a very rare public, everyone can read it post. Because I am not a victim, and I want the world to know I will do everything in my measly, meagre power to keep from becoming a victim.
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